Wisdom and South Central Wisconsin Real Estate information

Realty Trac reported that there were 1,887,777 foreclosure filings in 2011 in the US resulting in 804,423 homes taken back by lenders as REO properties which is almost 43%. Though this is a staggering number it is actually down 34% from 2010 and 19% below 2009. According to Fannie Mae‘s latest outlook the US economy is projected to grow 2.3% for the year. Interest rates are at an all time low with 30 year rates dropping to 3.89% and a 15 year rate had hit 3.16%. In Dane county there are 301 properties under $150,000 -50 properties under $100,000 – 4 under $50,000. This is a very interesting time in real estate and a great time to purchase a home at a discounted price. Dane County has always been a relatively stable market, due to it’s good employment base and continuous demand for housing. We were not hit as hard by a declining real estate market as much of the country. There are great opportunities for home buyers on a budjet to find an affordable home of for people looking to invest there remains to be continous opportunnities to purchase discounted homes, invest in some rehab, and receive a return on investment surpassing most other investments available.


Let me know what you think, if you have something to share, or would like more information

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