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Appraiser Lunch December 8th at Noon

We have enough interest for an appraiser lunch on Friday December 8th. It will be at the east side Great Dane off of Cottage Grove Rd at 876 Jupiter Drive. Jim Coutts said he attended the AQB meeting in Minneapolis and is willing to share what he learned about their direction on licensing requirements.


The government says that customary and reasonable fees are anti competitive and the Louisiana state appraiser board are gangsters.

I thought I would send out this latest news on customary and reasonable fees. So far I only have one response about lunch and that is that it be on a Tuesday or Wednesday. I know school will be getting out soon and graduations will begin, vacations will start. Work is steady and we will be seeing a bubble form in our market, but there is time for lunch this month. Can I get a show of hands of anyone who wants to meet?

The thing that we are not allowed to talk about and nobody wanted to do anything about is being challenged because someone did something about it. Louisiana is being charged with racketeering for doing what the Dodd Frank act told them to do. And to think I was just getting used to nothing bad happening in the appraisal industry.


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