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Hard Economic Times Increase Foreclosures For Hard Working Americans

Number of U.S. residential properties subject ...

Hard working Americans to get hit with next wave of foreclosures

Hard economic times have people stretched beyond their financial resources. Reuters has an article that a lot of home owners can relate to. Hopefully Fridays Jobs Report will show people are finding good paying employment. Stuggling to pay the bills is no way to live.


Town of Oakland (Jefferson County) Real Estate Market

Frank loyd wright

Frank loyd wright (Photo credit: kotsifi (falling apart))

In the town of Oakland there have been 29 sales in the last year ranging from $55,000 to $540,000. There are 32 current listings ranging from $49,900 to $1,695,000 with 13 months of inventory. 10% of sales were bank owned properties and 16% of listings are bank owned. The odds of selling a house in this market in the first month is 8%.

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